Aqara G2H Camera Hub

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Connected camera that works with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, and also works as a hub for other Aqara Smart Devices.

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Highly capable camera that works with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, and also works as a hub for other Aqara Smart Devices

Apple HomeKit Secure Video

A Focus on Privacy

The Aqara G2H fully supports HomeKit Secure Video, including end-to-end encryption directly to Apple’s servers. You can set up the Aqara G2H Camera with the Apple Home app that comes with your iPhone, and never have to use any other external app. Access and review your camera footage using any of your Apple devices. Have the recordings uploaded directly into Apple iCloud, without going through any other servers.

Using Apple HomeKit Secure Video allows you to gain control of privacy-focused settings, such as disabling the camera from streaming and recording when you’re at home, and only enabling it when you leave. It also opens up new possibilities with interacting with the camera and your home, such as two-way audio, facial recognition, and activity zones. 

  • HomePod, HomePod Mini, Apple TV, or iPad as a HomeKit hub required.
  • Recording to Apple iCloud requires a 200GB iCloud storage plan.
  • It is possible to use the camera with both the Apple Home app and the Aqara app if you choose to do so.
  • The Aqara G2H Camera hub is fully functional using the Aqara app as well, available both on the App store and Google Play store.
Aqara G2H Camera Apple Homekit secure video

Homekit Notifications and Activity Zones

Aqara G2H HomeKit Notifications

The Aqara G2H Camera on the Apple Home app can be set up to send notifications to your Apple devices upon detecting motion in its frame, which is a basic security feature. However, you can take it a step further –  Apple Home also allows you to specify that notifications will only be sent on specific motions – when people, animals, and/or vehicles are detected – giving you a full range of choices to avoid false positives. You won’t be sent notifications when your curtains move!

Additionally, the Aqara G2H Camera supports tracking of activity zones, where you receive notifications of motion of people, animals, or vehicles detected only within an area of the frame.

Homekit-enabled Facial Recognition

The Aqara G2H can process facial recognition through its integration with Apple HomeKit Secure Video, with the AI processes happening in your Apple device itself – not on the cloud. It can recognize faces from your iCloud Photo Library, and can send you notifications for when your family members arrive home.

  • iOS/ iPadOS/ tvOS 14 or higher required for this functionality.
Apple Home Secure Video AI Facial Recognition

Homekit Enabled Two-way Audio

Aqara G2H Camera Hub

The Aqara G2H camera in the Apple Home app supports remote, instant voice calls. The camera is equipped with an omnidirectional, noise-cancelling microphone with a maximum pickup distance of up to 5 metres, and also has a maximum speaker sound volume of 85 decibels for clearer communication.

Your Smart Home Hub

A Camera that Doubles as a Zigbee Wireless Smart Hub

The Aqara G2H Camera also doubles as a smart home hub. Connect up to 64 other Aqara devices to create and control a complete home automation and remote monitoring solution.

By using Zigbee 3.0 technology – every smart home sensor, switch, or bulb connects by Zigbee wifi to the G2H, not directly to your home wifi network. This means less burden on your main router and internet traffic, and a more robust connectivity between your smart devices. It also means Aqara smart devices can be designed to run on batteries for up to two years!

The Aqara G2H has full support for Apple HomeKit and Google Home, too. You can add your Aqara smart devices into your Apple or Google Smart home, and have them interact with the other devices – even from different brands – in your smart home.

  • Other devices from Apple or Google may be required to set up an Apple Home or Google Home.
  • As Zigbee runs on wireless technology, there is a limitation on range. Range can be increased by using repeater devices, or by having farther devices connected to another G2H camera in the area. Devices linked to different G2H cameras in the same home are interconnected and can interact.
Aqara G2H Camera Smart Home Hub Zigbee

Simple, Continuous Smart Connections

Aqara Smart Home Singapore

Having an Aqara G2H camera is all you need to kickstart your journey into smart homes. Gone are the days of expensive systems running proprietary software, and clunky hardware requiring extensive rewiring and renovations.

Aqara’s smart home systems and devices are affordable, modular, and have broad compatibility. You can easily set up the Aqara G2H within your Apple Home or Google Home, and any Aqara smart devices linked to the camera automatically appear in your Apple or Google Home.

Aqara offers a full range of smart devices, all designed with a clean aesthetic. Many sensors can run for 2 years on a single battery, so there is no need for any rewiring. With an Aqara G2H at home, it’s now easy to pick and buy what you need – sensors, switches, or otherwise – and easily and economically incorporate them into a single room — or the whole house. It’s now your choice.

The Aqara G2H can connect to all these Aqara devices, and more:

Easily add smart controls to your existing lights and devices! Just by changing a switch, you open up new ways of interacting with your devices – automations, timers, sensors, wireless switches, and more.

A tiny, battery-operated motion sensor designed to disappear into the background. The Aqara motion sensor can be used to trigger smart devices upon detection of body movements – perfect for entryways and corridors.

Stick these sensors on your door, and you’ll always be aware of your door’s opened or closed state, even when you’re away. Get notifications when a door is opened, or add automations to turn lights on upon door closure. It’s up to you.

Remotely control your smart switches and other smart devices using this battery-operated button switch. Put or stick it anywhere. You can even control scenes – where you change multiple smart devices with a single press.

A highly secure, Apple HomeKit capable mortise smart door lock. Set up biometric identifications or temporary PINs, or use NFC chips to unlock the door. The Aqara N100 also reports its lock status to the various Home apps, and can be locked and unlocked remotely.

A Beautifully Capable Camera

140-Degree Wide-Angle Lens. 1080p High Definition. Night Vision.

See more with an ultra-wide angle 140 degree lens, in full 1080p high definition. With an Aqara G2H placed in the corner of the room, you should be able to monitor the room in its entirety. 

The Aqara G2H also has inbuilt night-vision capabilities that turn on and off automatically in low-light environments, so your monitoring will truly be 24/7.

Aqara G2H Ultra Wide Angle

Flexible Swivel. Multiple Installation Methods. Easy Magnetic Attachment.

Aqara G2H Camera Hub

The Aqara G2H offers almost unlimited flexibility when it comes to how and where you want to point your camera. With its extendable, rotatable swivel arms, you can easily finetune the best positioning and direction for every room.

The base of the camera has a very strong built-in magnet, which can be used to easily attach the camera to metal objects, such as a fridge.

In addition, each camera comes with a metal plate with screw holes and an adhesive pad – stick or screw the metal plate to any surface, and easily attach the camera to the metal plate. It’s that simple.

Broad Cloud, App, Streaming, and Recording Compatibility

Access and control your Aqara G2H camera using the Apple Home app or the Aqara Home app, available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. You can use both concurrently if you wish.

Footage recorded by the camera can be saved both to Apple iCloud by using Apple HomeKit Secure Video, or to a MicroSD card inserted into the card slot on the camera body (accessible only with the Aqara app), or to both at the same time!

Aqara G2H Camera Hub

Smart Functions in a Beautiful Design

Aqara G2H Security Camera

With its adorable appearance, clean lines, and small form factor, the Aqara G2H has won multiple Red Dot Design Awards.

This camera proves that smart home devices don’t have to look futuristic or ostentatious – on the contrary, Aqara’s design language focuses on usability, minimalism, and simplicity. After all, a smart home should still feel like a home, and the Aqara G2H Camera is designed to fit right in.


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