Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit Singapore

At, we’ve been looking at the way smart home technologies have been changing rapidly over the years. One of the catalysts, at least in the most recent years, is Apple.

Apple, with its Apple Home app and Apple HomeKit system, is making smart home technologies accessible to everyone. With its focus on user-friendliness, powerful software performance, and strict standards for quality and privacy, Apple has created a Home ecosystem where products work flawlessly, even amongst brands.

What this means is that everyday consumers now have access to a growing collection of smart devices that, well, work. There’s no need for complex coding or managing multiple software installations. There’s also no need for proprietary software and apps – Apple Home comes pre-installed on every iPhone, iPad, and Mac computer, is very easy to use, and is constantly improved and updated by Apple.

For this reason, remains a champion of the Apple Home app and Apple HomeKit system, and we highly recommend homeowners and families using Apple devices to consider adopting Apple Home as their smart home system.

Not an Apple user? You’re still able to use smart home systems by other companies, and we can setup most systems for you.