The Smart Homes of Today

Home technology is no longer an expensive, cumbersome project as it was in the past. With today’s new technologies in electrical and connectivity systems, upgrading your home with the latest smart technologies is surprisingly affordable and convenient. Wireless mesh systems and mature software developed by Apple and Google brings about a new revolution in home technology systems, and is here to help you.

The Next Generation of Homes

This is not about replacing a switch with your voice. This is about a fully integrated home automation system that uses technologies to bring about real value to your lifestyle. It is a collection of small processes that contribute largely to how you interact with your own home, and maximizes your comfort and security through preprogrammed automation routines. believes that smart homes should be built upon sensor, timing, and natural triggers, and less on voice and switch, so that is the direction we take in implementation of home automation systems.

Convenience and access

With a connected home, your devices can be controlled conveniently, with multiple ways of control. You can use the physical smart switch, you can use the app on your phone, voice control, or full automation running in your system – it’s up to you. What matters is that every device that is controlled reports its status to the hub, so switching them on and off reflects in every control system you may choose to use. You can also have them connected to the cloud securely, which enables you to control your home even when you are out.

Comfort and control

Now you don’t have to walk to the light switch to turn them off. That’s convenient. But having your lights dim at night automatically, or changing its setting to a warm glow to suit your dinner ambience? That’s priceless. Home automations should be designed to enrich your life, not just offer you convenience. At, that’s our focus.

Security and Safety

The beauty of connected devices with secure internet access is the ability to report to you the status of your home, wherever you are. Someone rings the doorbell when you’re out? Get a notification on your phone, and see a video of who is at your door when you tap it. It’s grandma? Unlock your door remotely, if you choose to enable it. Or you could arm your alarm system to alert you when the windows are opened between midnight to 6am. With, it’s all about understanding your lifestyle and needs, and programming it straight into the automation and security systems.


We get it. Privacy is valuable, and rightfully a major concern for any connected devices, especially for something as personal as your home. This is why only works with partners, and uses devices that put user privacy at the forefront. We do not use our own apps nor our own servers – home automation and control is achieved directly with established companies like Apple.

Technical development

With home automation and smart technologies developing rapidly, major software and hardware companies like Apple, Google, Xiaomi, and Amazon are now fully integrating technologies directly into their software and hardware. We do not offer our own app; instead, we direct our clients to use one of these services to achieve their smart home needs, as they are at the forefront and are constantly updating and improving their services in a way a small company cannot. By using technologies developed by these tech innovators, you can be assured that you will be always be on the cutting edge. And if you need help integrating their services into your home, that’s where steps in.

Big or small – there’s a solution for that

The modular nature of home technology products mean that you can now start as small or as big as you want. Automate only a bathroom? We have a solution for that – with smart switches to control your water heater by time; motion sensors to turn the lights and exhaust fan on when someone enters; even a smart toilet and bidet. You can start small with smaller projects to test the waters, and embark on whole-home automation when you’re confident it suits your needs. is able to help you, large or small.

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