The Smart Home Specialist works with the world’s top brands to bring smart technologies into Singapore. As a smart home specialist, our idea is simple – smart technologies are evolving rapidly – getting more advanced, yet becoming more affordable. The smart homes of today are unlike those of the past, and as a forward looking company, we’re embracing the disruptive technologies in the industry.

But it’s not just about the available technologies and products – we understand the real benefits people can gain from adding technologies to their homes and offices. And we’re well-versed in how exactly these technologies can provide better living for people, outlined in Our Smart Philosophy.

Although we value broad compatibility, the most important factor is the ability to unify all your devices under one overarching smart home control system. And for this reason, we’re both champions and experts of the Apple Home system, which is currently at the world’s forefront in developing a powerful smart home system with real ease-of-use.

One of the beautiful things about smart homes today is the way devices are built to be simple to install and easy to configure. Still, some works are needed – which is why chooses to work with the people already building homes for people – interior designers, contractors, and installers. It’s easy to get started – whether you’re a firm wanting to provide smart services for your client, or a homeowner wanting a professional yet affordable system.