Our Partners

Smarter.sg works with the companies and people building homes. This means interior designers, contractors, installers, developers, and others.

While smart home devices are becoming easier to install and configure, homeowners still need professional services from these partners to complete their smart home automation set ups, especially in terms of electrical and mechanical installations.

After all, for homeowners entrusting the building of their home to their contractors, it also makes sense for them to entrust the integration of smart home systems to their trusted partner, rather than by communicating with multiple firms.

The Simple Setup

In the past, smart home systems were difficult projects which required proprietary software to work. Most smart homes were done by highly professional smart home integrators, each with their own devices, hardware, software, and apps.

However, with the progress of smart home systems being led by innovative tech companies, it is now possible to create a smart home using universal, retail products, and managing it using easily available apps.

This means that the firms doing the design and building are capable of integrating smart technologies into their clients’ homes by themselves, if they know where to start. At Smarter.sg, we’re here to help you.

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