Aqara Smart Homes

Aqara Smart Home Singapore

Aqara designs smart home products that are both powerful and beautiful. They’re simple to implement and require minimal installation. Control your devices and smart home using the Aqara Home app. Aqara products also work with Apple HomeKit, so Apple users can use the Apple Home app to create their smart home and control devices.

With its range of user-friendly sensors and controllers, achieving a smart home is now not only possible – it’s easy.

Aqara Smart Home Devices

Aqara use Zigbee wireless technology to avoid difficult and expensive wiring. You’ll need an Aqara home hub to create a Zigbee mesh wifi network – separate from your home wifi network. Your other smart devices then connect to your hub with Zigbee, ensuring your home wifi remains uncongested.

To get started with a smart home, you’ll need a smart home hub. Once you have a hub, you can pick and choose which smart home devices will suit your needs, and purchase accordingly.