Our Smart Home Philosophy

Our Smart Home Philosophy consists of three main ideas:

  • Convenience in Automation
  • Opening new ways of control
  • Single, unifying control

Convenience in Automation

One of the main benefits in smart homes is by creating automations. Automations are the way in which your home will adjust itself to your needs – without needing any input. One of the easiest automation to implement, understand, and recognize the value in is when your wardrobe lights turn on automatically when you open your wardrobe door, and turn off when you shut it.

Automations are a way to achieve real convenience in your life by removing the need for interacting with your home at all.

Opening new ways of control

New ways of control means giving you the ability to interact with your home in more ways than one. In the past, you’d turn on your lights by flipping a switch. A smart home, on the other hand, allows you to turn on your lights:

  1. By flipping the switch
  2. By flipping a wireless switch, located somewhere else
  3. By using your phone’s app
  4. By using a voice command, on Siri or Google
  5. Automatically, when triggered by a motion sensor
  6. Automatically, when triggered by a door contact sensor
  7. Automatically, when you get home based on your phone’s geolocation
  8. Automatically, when your main door unlocks
  9. Automatically, at a time of day (e.g. sunset)
  10. As part of a scene, where different lights turn on or off according to your preference

All these can be implemented simultaneously, and gives you real breadth in the way you interact with your home.

Single unifying control

All your smart home devices should be controlled in one unifying system. This way, all the devices can interact with and interface with each other, and you only need one point to access all your devices.

This means that you do not have one app and system for your lights, one app for your door lock, and one for your security system. The optimal solution is to have lights, lock, and security system all unified into one single app.

At Smarter.sg, we’re big believers of Apple HomeKit, because it is the single most user-friendly smart home system that encompasses almost everything. Using Apple HomeKit, you can include different products from different brands, and each device works with the others. An Eve motion sensor can trigger Ikea lights. Your Aqara door lock can turn on your Philips Hue lights.

With such an overarching control, you can now achieve real depth in your smart home integrations.